With the growing interest in producing and using local products in the building industry, the Napa Wallstone Thin Veneer proved to be an ideal product. For architects, builders, masons, municipalities and anyone interested in constructing L.E.E.D. projects, products produced within 500 miles are required.

Keith began to search for stones quarried in California that could be made into thin veneers. At this time, Stone Water Quarries is producing twelve different types of stone into 17 thin veneer products. These Natural Stone Thin Veneers are available in their natural shapes, cut into ledge form as well as rectangles and squares.

Stone Water Quarries also cuts "Site" stone. Site stone is the stone harvested from the property on which a construction project is located. So far, site stone projects have included wineries, walls and custom homes.

The wide variety of stone available in California with their multiple colors and textures eliminate the need to import Natural Stone Thin Veneers from out of state or out of country.

The Green Aspect