Keith Stalions created Stone Water Quarries in August of 2009. While working as the General Manager of a landscape supply yard, Keith was asked by a local contractor if anyone was cutting the locally quarried Syar Stone into a thin veneer. After several inquiries, it became clear that the Syar Stone was unavailable as a thin veneer. 

Keith then purchased a large stone saw and began to produce the Syar Stone as a thin veneer. Working with a Diamond Blade manufacturer and multiple types of blades, Keith was able to find a diamond blade that provided the needed speed of cut and required blade life to economically produce the Syar Stone into a thin veneer.

Stone Water Quarries began with one stone saw, and is currently cutting thin veneers on four saws and splitting stone using a large hydraulic stone splitter.

Stone Water Quarries became a viable small business, producing a natural stone thin veneer that could compete economically with manufactured faux stone products. This natural stone thin veneer was named Napa Wallstone and soon grew into five separate products.

Stone Water Quarries now produces 17 veneers from stones aquired from several California stone quarries.